Solar Hot Water Heating

We love solar heating! It is elegant, clean and efficient. The cost has come down enormously over the last 10 years. It used to cost about the same as a whole new heating system. Now it is more like the cost of just replacing the boiler.

Unlike a boiler replacement it should run trouble free for 10 years with almost no running costs, and no repairs or maintenance. There is little to go wrong as the only moving part and the only iron part is the pump, so just one thing in the whole system that could break down or corrode. The best bit is lots of free hot water! You are unlikely to need to switch your water heating on at all from April to September and the rest of the year, even in the middle of Winter, your water will only need topping up from a significantly higher temperature than without having solar. The annual fuel savings are £300+ and significantly more if your main heating source is oil.

So while some Gas Engineers are trained to tell you that you need a new boiler on almost every visit, we will give reasoned and balanced advice as to what is best for your personal situation. You may have an old boiler in great condition that will out last a new one. You may save far more money with a solar system than a new boiler. And you could save as much again with other energy saving measures like cutting down drafts, insulation in walls and the roof (which can be free), fitting thermostatic radiator valves, and a room stat. You will be amazed how many heating systems are just on or off at the controller and depend on you getting too hot and getting up to turn off the heating. All of these new modern improvements can be fitted to an old heating system, without having to replace the boiler.